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Jesse Velik

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Jesse Velik


Jesse graduated with a Master of Child Play Therapy from Deakin University, where he now also works as a Play Therapy faculty member. 


Jesse works systemically, adopting both directive and non-directive approaches to Play Therapy. He works across multiple Play Therapy modalities, including Humanistic Play Therapy, filial therapy and Learn to Play. Jesse’s focuses include, trauma, self-esteem, behavioural challenges, social challenges, school refusal, challenges at school, family dynamics, grief, anxiety and depression. Jesse typically works with children aged 3-12, however he can also see children outside of this age range should Play Therapy be appropriate. Play Therapy is accessible to children across all these ages, with materials and approaches adapted to suit individual needs. 


With a background in the arts and arts education, Jesse has taught drama in Australia and the UK, as well as holding qualifications in drama from both regions. He also uses his background in the arts to develop new and exciting approaches to Play Therapy, hoping to make it even more fun and accessible for children in need. These approaches include Filmmaking Therapy. 


Jesse is a member of APPTA (Australasia Pacific Play Therapy Association), a staunch advocate of education around mental health, a lifelong Melbourne Demons supporter, and a very proud husband and father.  

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