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Policies and Cancellations


Late Cancellation / Non-Attendance Fee Policy

We have a long waiting list at Melbourne Children’s Clinic. We need adequate notice of cancelled appointments as it is difficult to reschedule at short notice.


  • Late cancellation: If you cannot attend, we ask that you notify us by 10:00am on the working day prior to the appointment. If you notify us later than that time, we consider this a late cancellation.

  • NOTE: If your appointment falls on Monday, we need to be notified by 10:00am on the Friday before the appointment. Failing to do so will incur a fee of 50% of the consultation fee.

  • Failure to attend: If you fail to attend, and we are not notified at all, 100% of the consultation fee will be charged.


Further Consultations


We will be happy to reschedule your appointment once all outstanding fees have been paid.

Children with Separated Parents

Parental separation is common and children may need special consideration both during and afterwards. Additionally, conflict and communication breakdown can impact not only on the child(ren), but also on involved health practitioners.

Melbourne Children's Clinic Policy: Children with Separated Parents

  • When one parent makes an appointment, we do not provide information regarding the timing of the appointment to the other parent. This information should be communicated directly between paarents

  • Written correspondence will be provided to the attending parent and the referring doctor. If this is to be provided to both parents, this sharing should occur directly between parents

  • If one parent books an appointment, we do not offer the other parent an automatic right to attend that appointment, this invitation should come from the parent who makes the booking

  • Cooperation between parents is necessary for therapeutic interventions to be effective. Where conflict arises between parents regarding therapeutic decisions, our role is to provide an opinion, rather than require or pursue a decsiion

  • Where specific interventions are under consideration such as the prescription of non-essential medication, our default is to not proceed unless both parents are in agreement


Exceptions to this policy may arise when either;


  1. Both parents have provided written instrucitons/permission

  2. We receive a court order

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