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Katie Airey


Katie Airey

ADHD & ASD Coach

Katie brings a unique perspective to her work as an ADHD and ASD coach for both adults and adolescents. With twelve years of experience as a primary school teacher, she has a wealth of knowledge about child development. After receiving diagnoses of ADHD and ASD as an adult, Katie experienced the transformative power of self-understanding firsthand. Inspired by this journey, she transitioned careers and trained with ADDCA (Attention Deficit Disorder Coaching Academy) before launching her own coaching business.

Katie is currently seeking clients who would benefit from this strength-based diagnosis management approach. This could include children, as well as their parents or guardians, who are seeking support for themselves or their child's diagnosis. She is dedicated to supporting individuals with ADHD and autism (Level 1) in navigating their diagnosis with clarity, confidence, and self-compassion. Through fostering self-awareness, celebrating unique strengths, and actioning effective strategies, Katie is committed to empower individuals to thrive in all aspects of their lives.

Katie has two beautiful cats whom she adores, and loves yoga, cold-water therapy and escaping into the world of books.’

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