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Dr Mandie Griffiths

Dr Mandie Griffiths MBBS, B Med Sc., FRACP Respiratory and Level II Sleep

Paediatric Respiratory & Sleep Physician

Mandie is a paediatric respiratory and sleep physician who is Head of Sleep Medicine at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne (RCH). She set up and now runs the diagnostic sleep unit at the RCH, as well as working as a staff consultant in the Department of Respiratory and Sleep medicine. She is also associated with the Melbourne Children’s Sleep Centre at Monash Medical Centre and Cabrini Brighton Sleep Disorders Centre.  Previous fellowships were completed at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, Princess Margaret Hospital in Perth (Respiratory and Level II Sleep) and Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Sleep mini fellowship). She works primarily in complex respiratory and sleep disorders including chronic suppurative lung disease, difficult asthma, obstructive sleep apnoea, narcolepsy, behavioural sleep disorders, and restrictive lung disease e.g. neuromuscular diseases which may require ventilation during sleep.  She is a member of the RACP, TSANZ, ASA and Sleep Health Foundation.


Clinical interests:

Mandie has interests in all aspects of respiratory and sleep medicine, in particular respiratory disorders of sleep, narcolepsy and the hypersomnias, chronic lung disease and congenital lung malformations.


Background and Training:

University of Melbourne (MBBS, BMedSc), Royal Children’s Hospital Paediatric training program under RACP, Respiratory and Sleep fellowship Princess Margaret Hospital, Perth, Mini-Fellowship in Sleep Medicine, American Academy of Sleep Medicine (Milwaulkee Wisconsin)


Current Sleeps Projects at the Royal Children’s Hospital:

1.      Daytime predictors of nocturnal hypoventilation in Duchenne Muscular dystrophy              (Masters student)

2.      Breath-stacking in Neuromuscular disease (PhD student – combined Austin/RCH                   project)

3.      Clinical Care pathways for infants with Pierre-Robin syndrome in the Neonatal Unit               (Masters student)

4.      Respiratory assessment with innovative techniques in infants with upper airway                   obstruction (Masters student)

5.      Several projects which assess the “Efficacy and Safety of BMN 111 (a medication to               elongate the bones) in Children with Achondroplasia”

6.      “Sleep well be well” – a project designed to provide behavioural sleep advice to                       patients on the waiting list for sleep clinic at the Royal Children’s Hospital



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